Preja Vu

Préjà Vu
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978-1-59578-601-2

You know the feeling, something vaguely familiar … but what if it isn’t something you’ve experienced before, but a prelude to an upcoming event?Ryann Phillips has it all together. She’s a successful architect with her own home and true friends. What she also has, are nightly dreams that eventually come true. Little snapshots into the lives of people she doesn’t know.

 She’s used to them.

Attorney Trevor Kearney finds it hard to believe that his current client is the subject of Ryann’s latest vision, that of a violent murder. He reluctantly agrees to help Ryann prevent this one premonition from taking place. What he doesn’t count on is this particular psychic’s ability to make some of his own dreams come true.



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Trevor Kearney Trevor Kearney

I’m a logical guy. That’s why I went through law school. Everything can be explained. The minute I met Ryann–some psychic who dreams about people dying–I knew it had to be a scam, masterminded by one of my clients, Victoria Joyce. I don’t trust Victoria as far as I can throw her. Still, the more I get to know Ryann, the more I’m starting to believe her. Does that make me crazy? It could be the fact that she’s so damn smart and beautiful that I can barely keep my mind on Victoria’s murder, and off of Ryann Phillips, even with her prophetic dreams.

Ryann Phillips

Ryann Phillips

I’m used to my premonitions, I’ve had them since I was a kid. Usually they are snapshots of complete strangers’ lives, rarely worth losing sleep over, but the vision I had detailing Victoria’s murder was  even more disturbing than the previous death scenes I’ve witnessed. If only I can figure out why. I was lucky enough to find Victoria before my vision came to be, but I don’t appreciate her lackey Trevor, with his skepticism along with his arrogant sexuality. I might need his help to keep Victoria safe, but I can do it without getting too close.




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