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Click to read an excerptWyoming Solace

Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 978-1-59578-521-3
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Elise Vickerson, on the run after an elaborate escape from an abusive husband, wouldn’t dream of jumping into another relationship of any kind. Her only focus must be the months of manual labor to resurrect the dormant ranch that she inherited, and sell it for a profit. Her future depends on it. Cody Campbell has worked on his own ranch since he was able to walk. The under-developed property adjacent to his was promised to him by Elise’s father. Her appearance on the scene ignites not only his anger, but also the heat of a desire too strong to resist, and forbidden in so many ways.




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 Wyoming Solace

Available as a Print On Demand (POD)
ISBN 978-1-44950-406-9
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After publishing with Liquid Silver Books, I’ve had numerous requests for a print copy.  This is the same book as above, printed on demand, and shipped to you!

Print Cover designed by Ryan Williams





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Click for an excerptPréjà Vu
Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978-1-59578-601-2
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You know the feeling, something vaguely familiar … but what if it isn’t something you’ve experienced before, but a prelude to an upcoming event?
Ryann Phillips has it all together. She’s a successful architect with her own home and true friends. What she also has, are nightly dreams that eventually come true. Little snapshots into the lives of people she doesn’t know. She’s used to them. Attorney Trevor Kearney finds it hard to believe that his current client is the subject of Ryann’s latest vision, that of a violent murder. He reluctantly agrees to help Ryann prevent this one premonition from taking place. What he doesn’t count on is this particular psychic’s ability to make some of his own dreams come true.


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Available from Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978-1-59578-620-3
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Ten years ago, Andria Thomas celebrated her high school graduation with a retreat at a Wyoming guest ranch. She never expected to fall for a young cowboy during her horseback riding lessons. There was no way that she would sacrifice her well planned life for a long distance relationship with a guy she’d only known for two weeks!
Now, after a bitter divorce, Andria returns to the V-Bar Guest Ranch, and is surprised to find that not only did Jake Walker still work on the ranch; he was running the place. The last thing she needs is another disruption, and re-treating herself to a fling with an old lover is not the way to relax and regroup. It was a good thing she’d have help resisting his charm, thanks to Jake’s wife. Time for a hasty Retreat.

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comingsoonliquidlgFine Print
Coming soon to Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978-1-59578-671-5
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Three years ago, Kara Sorrento’s husband died in the line of duty. The fact that they never started a family is the one thing that she can’t lay to rest. Knowing that she could never love again, Kara decides to conceive a child in a more…non-traditional way. All she needs now is the ideal DNA, and she’s found it in Derek Martinez.
Physically he’s a perfect specimen, with dark features so much like her late husband’s. Then Derek suggests changes to the insemination contract, and he threatens to disrupt not only her plan, but Kara’s entire highly structured and ultra-organized world. She would be required to let down her guard and join the living, no matter how vulnerable that would make her. She can do it, she’s a strong woman. It shouldn’t be that hard to resist Derek’s charms.
                                                           She’d just have to think with her head, and not her heart. When ghosts of
                                                          Kara’s past surface, Kara isn’t sure that she can trust her heart anyway.

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