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Wyoming Solace

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Melinda of Night Owl Romance says:

…Elise Vickerson is definitely a woman with a lot of back-bone. She is not your usual cowering damsel in distress. Though she has suffered a lot she is ready for anything that comes her way now. Cody is definitely a man she wants but is afraid to feel for him. With just one major mistake in her life she is now on the run from a monster. Will they make it out alive?

Alanna Coca did a beautiful job on bringing out the emotion in her characters and in me. You will feel Elise’s heartache in certain chapters. Cody is a hero after my own heart. He is definitely your cowboy – One to protect you. I just loved it!

Score – 4.5 out of 5 hearts. Reviewer Top Pick~ Read the entire reviewClick to read the entire review

Brynna at Between the Lines says:

…Excellent, with elements of western, romance and suspense, fans of all three genres will love Wyoming Solace!  Heart stopping all the way, especially at the end.  I kept thinking, “Come on Cody!  Where are you?!”  A great read!

Score – Fantastic/Stays on Shelf (4 out of 5)~ Read the entire review

Heather at Long and Short Romance Reviews says:Click to read the entire review

…This is a spell-binding tale that keeps you reading. It’s beautiful, heart-wrenching and surprisingly funny by turns. Cody is a true hero, and you sooo want him to get the girl. Mary Elise is a feisty heroine determined to make a fresh start. Jonathan-the-devil’s-spawn (can I say that in a review?) did not destroy her spirit. And you find yourself wishing for their HEA with all your heart.

Darn, I wished it was longer! I would recommend this author to anyone. This book was a total surprise of the best sort! Rats…gotta get more tissues…

Score – 4.5 out of 5 books, voted Best Book of the Week ~ Read the entire review

Rose at Love Western Romances says:Read the entire review

“…Elise is a good woman with a strength that is admirable but also a lot of pride and stubbornness, qualities that added dimention and kept me reading. It was thrilling to read her attempt at escaping such a horrid life and her subsequent meeting with Cody. Although I felt the pace slowed a little after her departure from Jonathan, it soon kicks up a gear with the chemistry between her and Cody. Their dance around inevitability was a joy to read. There are some very erotic scenes played out, as well as some pretty gruesome ones, all of which were made vivid by the strong foundations set for the characters and the plot from the beginning.

 Score – 4 out of 5 spurs. Read the entire review

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